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REPSOL GXR Platinum 0W-20


REPSOL GXR Platinum 0W-20

Repsol GXR Platinum is a fully synthetic lubricant oil with API SN-RC and ILSAC GF-5 quality levels. A high-performance product designed to offer the best protection for engines, it does not compromise on efficiency. This lubricant is especially suitable for engines that require greater protection against wear and during long drain oil intervals. This product meets the quality level of fuel economy benefit (1.9% in Seq. VID) and has better biofuel compatibility. It meets and exceeds American and Asian lubricant quality standards.


  • Extra durability
  • Extra Cleanliness
  • Extra protection


  • Complies with stringent API SN quality requirements for modern engines that require greater protection against high temperatures.
  • Low viscosity property enhances cold start performance.
  • Excellent oxidation stability reduces engine deposits and build-up of sludge and harmful deposits produced in the hottest zones of the engine.
  • Protects engine parts from rust and wear, leading to longer engine life.
  • High viscosity index ensures good performance at elevated temperatures.

Quality Levels

  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5

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